IMAGINE (Harris)

Platinum VX Small to Midsize Digital Video Routers

Product Details


    The Platinum VX small to midsize router lineup is an extraordinarily dense and powerful series of 3G/HD/SD triple rate routers targeted to this market space. The newly designed Platinum VX incorporates the latest equalization and reclocker technologies to deliver unparalleled signal quality and reliability. The new router lineup supports a standalone version of the Magellan set up and configuration utilities built into the frame, eliminating the requirement for an external controller. Platinum VX frames can also be part of a larger routing system using a dedicated Magellan controller and SDN Orchestrator. The system supports both electrical and optical interfaces utilizing HDBNC and SFP modules respectively, providing unprecedented versatility in system design and implementation.

    The Platinum VX product line supports video in matrix sizes from 16 x 16 up to 288 x 288 in four different frame sizes:

    • 1RU (16x16 HDBNC as standard with SFP cages for expansion to 32 x 32)
    • 2RU (48x48 and 72x72 HDBNC)
    • 4RU (144x144 modular I/O with optional SFP connectivity)
    • 8RU (288x288 modular I/O with optional SFP connectivity)
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